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Say Hello to Our Amazing Team: Meet Monika

Monday, September 16, 2019

When you called the Carnet Helpline®, that reassuring voice who greeted you may very well have belonged to any number of us here.

Our Team enthusiastically shares the best kept secret to temporary exports—the many benefits of using carnets for professional and personal boomerang freight.

Meet Monika (pronounced Mo-KNEE-ka)

Monika Jadeszko is Vice President, Global Carnet Operations. Monika was born in Augustow, Poland and now resides in McHenry County Illinois. She has worked with boomerang carnets for more than 10 years. Her favorite part of the job are the interactions she has with customers, the varieties of shipments ATA Carnets are used for, and the political, economic, and cultural aspects of international trade.

Black is her favorite color. She enjoys all kinds of fish, seafood, sushi, and is an overall animal lover. She loves to travel, run, bike, and getting a massage is essential to her well-being. She loves music and dance. The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry is her book of choice. Schindler's ListForrest Gump, and Dirty Dancing top her list of favorite movies and she tosses out the television series Breaking Bad, as one of her favorites also. 

As Vice President, Global Carnet Operations, Monika is responsible for managing the day-to-day issuing operations of boomerang carnets, UK, and CPD carnets.  To quote Monika: “I am a Carnet Magician, and this is my Carnet wand; Swing the magic wand, abracadabra! Carnet appears and flies across the globe, casting a spell over our customers, guiding their travels and making swift Customs passage. Carnets are magical! The End.”

Katrina sums up her experience with our customer service team in Trustpilot: “Always helping and willing to assist by whatever means necessary. I have had representatives even stay late to ensure that I could get a carnet processed in time. They go above and beyond."