Know Your Costs With Interactive Carnet Budget Worksheet
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Know Your Costs With Interactive Carnet Budget Worksheet

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

No Need For Uncertainty For You or Your Customers

Interactive Worksheet Estimates Carnet Costs in Minutes

There is an interactive budget worksheet available to help estimate the cost of getting a carnet. The worksheet lists 10 possible cost items and provides instructions for completion. Within 3 to 5 minutes you will have a reasonable estimate of the cost of your carnet. As with all estimates, you can use it for budgeting purposes but it does not reflect what the exact final bill will be. Due to special requirements, the worksheet is not applicable to vehicles shipped under a carnet. Call 800.ATA.2900 for more information on vehicles.

Invoicing Only AFTER Carnet is Issued

Boomerang carnets┬« never invoices you until the ATA Carnet is issued. So, although you will enter your form of payment into the application, you will not be billed until the final carnet is approved and printed for delivery.

Getting Your Exact Costs

Once you have applied for your carnet, if you need to know the exact costs prior to being issued an invoice, you may contact Rachel Kern.

Note that the budget worksheet cannot include specialty services such as "meet & greet" airport handling or same-day delivery. Those can be quoted at the time you apply for your carnet and when you speak with a Carnet Specialist.

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