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The ATA Carnet Advantage: Costs and Savings

Friday, June 17, 2022

Understanding the benefits carnets offer

Boomerang carnets® “Advantage” series describes and clarifies the many benefits ATA Carnets provide—ONE AT A TIME!  Our aim here is to unpack the many inquiries we receive about the ATA Carnet in smaller bits for better understanding.  The uses and flexibility this powerful trade tool provides are many.  We want everyone to take advantage of their many benefits.  This month focuses on Costs and Savings. 

The ATA Carnet aka the
Merchandise Passport

The ATA Carnet is an internationally accepted customs document for temporarily exported merchandise or goods.  It allows cross border movement of those goods import-duty and -tax free into 87+ carnet countries and territories for up to a year.  The ATA Carnet is known as the Merchandise Passport for boomerang freight® and ideal for professional equipment, goods, or commercial samples moving in and out of countries.  The ATA Carnet is a tremendous trade tool for growing your business.

COSTS and knowing them ahead of time is one of the great advantages of using the ATA Carnet.  To start, Boomerang has an Interactive Budget Worksheet that helps you estimate carnet costs in minutes.  The worksheet contains 8 simple questions regarding total value of your item/s, bond premium, warrantee options, delivery method, as well as a few other options that depend upon your needs.  Within 3 to 5 minutes, you will have a reasonable estimate of the cost of your carnet for budgeting purposes.  Your final carnet cost will be known prior to departure, a benefit of ATA Carnets over other temporary export methods.

SAVINGS when you use an ATA Carnet is significant. Basic Costs compared against the Duties/Taxes that you would have to pay upon entry into a carnet country or territory can add up, especially with multiple trips.  Duties/Taxes also vary widely.  Without a carnet you are required to pay a set percentage of Duty and Taxes on your goods, merchandise, or equipment.  By using an ATA Carnet, you will avoid that.  For example, using an ATA Carnet to clear customs with a $21,540 medical device in the U.K., the estimated VAT rate is 20% and the estimated duty is 3%.  The cost of the carnet is $500 and the Duties/Taxes you would have to pay without an ATA Carnet is approximately $4,950.  For this trip, the savings is $4,450 for a single use of the ATA Carnet to the U.K.  If the carnet is used multiple times, the savings increases accordingly.   


Anthony Cambas, 20 years’ experience as Sr. International Trade Consultant to U.S. Customs specializing in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, said, “Even though the savings ATA Carnets provide can be tremendous, especially if you are travelling with millions of dollars/pounds worth of equipment, it is important to remember that the ATA Carnet is a gateway to new markets that can significantly grow your business in a most affordable way.”

If you are interested in saving on your temporary exports and growing your business with an ATA Carnet, call us.  Boomerang’s Carnet Specialists offer expert customer service and are here to assist you 24/7.  Just call the Carnet HelpLine® 1-800-ATA-2900 |1-800-282-2900 or email us.  Also, if you want to ship by cargo, Boomerang has freight forwarder partners who can deliver your carnet to you, as well as handle your freight. 

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