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Processing Fees as of February 1st, 2022:

General List Value Basic Processing Fee
$1 - 9,999 $255
$10,000 - 49,999 $300
$50,000 - 149,999 $365
$150,000 - 399,999 $425
$400,000 - 999,999 $480
$1,000,000 + $545

The Basic Processing Fees include an ATA Carnet and up to 4 sets of certificates, depending on the number of trips you will take. The total price of a carnet may include additional charges, however, depending on the circumstances.

Fees to apply for a Replacement Carnet if you can't get the goods back by expiration.

Interactive Budget Worksheet for your ATA Carnet purchase or download the PDF version.

Payment Options

Additional costs that may apply, depending on the ATA carnet application and your needs:

Surety Bond (required), Continuation Sheets, Additional Certificate Sets, Expedited Delivery, QuickList General List Importation, Lost Carnet Warranty Protection, Overnight Shipping Charges, Authorized Representative Letter.