Worldwide Carnet User Group Growing Quickly
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Worldwide Carnet User Group Growing Quickly

Thursday, May 31, 2012

The newly-formed LinkedIn user group, ATA Carnet User & Discussion Group, is taking off. It started slowly two months ago and now is increasing its Users by 20% a week. The participants come from all over the world including Asia (China & Malaysia), Europe (Belgium), Australia and several states in the U.S. Here is a sample of the questions that have been discussed:

Can you export the merchandise on the day the carnet expires?

Has anybody experience using an ATA carnet to Russia?

Does China customs accept ATA carnet for temporary imported goods?

Is it possible to temporarily import a piece of equipment for maintenance/repairs into China, then immediately re-export it back to the country of origin using a Carnet?

To join the Group once you are signed up to LinkedIn, simply make a request at the ATA Carnet User & Discussion Group.