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CIB Express Services

CIB Can Save You Time and Hassle - We'll Arrange the Shipping


What is CIB Express Service?

  • CIB’s Premium Delivery Service. When a client asks for CIB to arrange delivery of a package and that delivery is billed to the client by CIB, it is CIB Express Service.

1) What does "Premium Delivery Service" mean?

  • CIB arranges the delivery of your carnet, based on your instructions.
  • CIB chooses the most reliable and cost-effective delivery service.
  • You will receive just one bill that will include the delivery charge as well as your other carnet costs.
  • All charges for tracking, handling and delivery are included on this bill.

2) What are the advantages of using CIB Express Service instead of my airway bill and/or shipping account number?

  • CIB Express Service saves time and provides peace of mind since:

  • CIB selects the delivery that, in their experience, is most dependable and reliable in your geographic area.
  • CIB prepares the airway bill and makes all delivery arrangements per your instructions.
  • You receive one bill instead of two.
  • You only have to make one toll-free call to CIB in the event your carnet doesn’t arrive timely.

3) What happens if my carnet gets lost using CIB Express Service?

  • CIB will trace the package and, if necessary, replace it immediately. You will only be responsible for a reissuing fee – not additional delivery charges, carnet processing fees and bond premiums.

Note: Expedited Service Fees may apply in some circumstances.

4)  What is the cost to use my own delivery service and airway bill?

CIB adds a $12.00 Tracking and Handling Fee per package to your carnet invoice. The Tracking and Handling Fee covers:

  • The cost of preparing your airway bill.
  • The cost of preparing your carnet documents for delivery.
  • Ensuring the documents are picked-up on time from our office by our delivery service.
  • Any additional cost incurred to assist you in the event your delivery service loses your carnet.