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Understanding Boomerang Freight®

What is Boomerang Freight®?

Boomerang Freight® is any shipment of goods, equipment or merchandise that is shipped out of a country and later returns to that country in its original form: temporary export/import. Since this type of merchandise is never intended to enter the commerce of the destination country it can be considered duty free and tax free for a limited period of time. Typically, if the goods are not re-exported within that time period they are assumed to have entered the commerce of the destination country and are dutiable and taxable as a permanent import.

The goods on an ATA Carnet are called Boomerang Freight® because the carnet certifies that the goods listed on its General List will enter and leave the destination country(ies) within one year, returning to their original country of departure.

Shipped & Hand-Carried Goods Can Be Boomerang Freight®

Both shipped and hand-carried goods or equipment are eligible to be listed on an ATA Carnet. Whether you will ship the goods by ocean, air, or surface, or hand-carry the goods, they can be listed on the carnet. The only consideration is who will present the carnet along with the goods at each customs entry and exit point. As long as your Authorized Representatives are listed on the carnet, in the case of shipped goods, those persons can present the carnet along with the goods to customs.

Examples of Boomerang Freight® shipped overseas are:

  • Musical Instruments for an Orchestra Tour
  • Acoustical Testing Equipment for a Performance Venue
  • Computer Network Routers for Testing or Demonstration
  • Photographers Camera Equipment
  • Artifacts for Display or Exhibition
  • Trade Show Booths
  • Trucks or Trailers Equipped with Training Materials
  • Vehicles for Racing or Exhibition
  • Bloodstock and Livestock
  • Garments for a Fashion Show
  • Sets and Props for a Live Theater, Dance or Opera Performance
  • Samples of Manufactured Goods

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