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Service Repair Testing

ATA Carnets Used for Overseas Testing, Repairs, Service and Maintenance Can Save Time and Money

Using an ATA Carnet for testing, repair, service or maintenance overseas can avoid costly duties and import taxes and speed passage through US and foreign customs. The testing equipment can be shipped separately or hand-carried to its destination and in all cases the carnet is the only document needed to re-enter the US.

There are many ways an ATA Carnet can be used for this purpose. Here are a few examples:

  • oceanographic and marine equipment for oceanic research and testing,
  • diagnostic testing equipment sent overseas to estimate the cost of repairs or upgrades,
  • acoustical testing equipment being sent to test the acoustics in a new concert venue in another country,
  • medical testing equipment used to ensure that expensive machinery located in a foreign country is working properly,
  • telecommunications equipment that needs to be tested according to foreign standards, in the foreign country,
  • shipping custom-designed tools to repair industrial equipment sold overseas, and
  • maintaining and servicing a commercial or industrial installation abroad.