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Boomerang Team Sponsors

Team Sponsorship Sends boomerang carnets® Out and Back Again

Twenty-Year Relationship

This year marks our 20th year as a sponsor of the USBA.  Boomerang carnets® has been a proud sponsor of the United States Boomerang Association (U.S.B.A) and its world-class boomerang team since January 2004. The years have flown by and it has been our honor to support the sport of boomerang throwing in the United States because the passion, ability, craftsmanship, sportsmanship and all around good humanity of these athletes has made it so.  Since 2004, the US Team has won five of the ten World Boomerang Championships. Years 2016, '18, '20 and '22 were won by the United States' Team and we look forward to them bringing it home again on home soil in Westminster, Colorado in July 2024.  

Sharing some photos at the recent 2024 National Team Trials in Dallas, TX.

Moira Wilson, center, holding the World Cup won by the US in 2022.  Will they retain their World Champs title for a 5th consecutive time?

US Team, Squad 2 - will they make this 5 in a row?
US Team, Squad 1- will they hold on to the Cup?
Newest Team member Yannick Claerman.
Top scoring players announcing Squad 1 players.
Bowers, Broadbent & Barr learn their fates.
Daniel Bower awaits competiton results.
Sport legend, Steve Kavanaugh & Moira Wilson.
David Hirsch Team Trials & WBC organizer.


Athletes welcome us, WBC Title Sponsor. ​​


Logan Broadbent 1st to greet Moira Wilson.


Jason Smucker, Kenny Barr Team hopefuls.


Richard Bower tallying scores.