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Boomerang Team Sponsors 2015

Team Sponsorship Sends boomerang carnets® Out and Back Again

Twelve-Year Relationship

In 2015 we doubled our sponsorship and announced the good news at USBA Nationals in West Chicago, IL.  The proximity of West Chicago to our national headquarters in Barrington, IL made it the perfect year to host a boomerang demo on the property of our Founder, Bruce A. Wilson.  It was also timed perfectly to coincide with a meeting with the United States Council for International Business, the ATA Carnets in the U.S.  Personnel able to get away came over to watch the demo in the afternoon, followed by the Nationals Awards ceremony later that night.

2015 Nationals in West Chicago with Boomerang Carnets President & CEO Curt E.H. Wilson (R) holding the national trophy up with USBA President, James Stickney.












David Hirsch & Kenny Barr at boomerang demo in Barrington, IL.









2015 Demo in Barrington with (L-R) Richard Bower, Kenny Barr, Logan Broadbent and James Stickney.











North American Long Distance competition group shot.

A Few Favorite Shots From Our Long Sponsorship

Boomerang Ninja, Logan Broadbent


Chet Snouffer high-fly catching a boomerang.








Big Tex welcomes USBA Demo Team & 2008 Nationals with Moira Wilson, Director of Marketing, lower left in red jacket.