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Boomerang Team Sponsors 2010

Team Sponsorship Sends boomerang carnets® Out and Back Again

Seven-Year Relationship

Boomerang carnets® has been a proud sponsor of the United States Boomerang Association (U.S.B.A.) and its world-class boomerang team since January, 2004. We discovered the professional team when we were launching our boomerang carnets® ATA Carnet brand in December, 2003.

Since then, boomerang carnets® (formerly boomerang freight® solutions) has sponsored the U.S.B.A. and its team through 5 World Cup Championships: Brazil 2012, Italy 2010 (U.S. Team brought home the World Championship), Seattle 2008, Japan 2006 and France 2004. In addition we've sponsored several National Championship and regional tournaments.

An Emerging Sport With International Fans

The emerging sport has enthusiasts all over the world, from countries as far away as Japan, Brazil and Australia, to name a few.

The return flight of a boomerang inspires awe and wonder and the sport attracts athletes from many walks of life and corners of the world. The new photos in our gallery below capture the spirit of the sport and our ongoing support. Boomerang Videos

U.S.B.A. Sponsor Photo Gallery

Photo #1: 2010 National Champion, Daniel Bower, receives the boomerang carnets® trophy from U.S.B.A. President, David Hirsch, presenting on our behalf. That year boomerang carnets® increased its U.S.B.A. sponsorship to include the National Champion trophy.

Photo #2: Boomerang throwing athletes from all over the United States compete to win the title "National Champion" and to earn a place on the United States Boomerang Team and compete at the international level. The U.S. team competed in Rome, Italy and came home with the World Champions Title.

Photo #3: The sport's Long Distance event requires a larger throwing area. Competition is sometimes held at a different location than the rest of the events. In 2010, LD competed with the others at the National Championships. These are the athletes that competed in Long Distance.

Photo #4: We had the fans' comfort in mind with these custom-printed stadium cushions.

Photo #5: Boomerang carnets® (formerly boomerang freight® solutions) logo was displayed at the 2007 U.S. National Championships in Eau Claire, WI.

Photo #6: At the 2007 Long Distance Shootout Tournament in Houston, TX our boomerang carnets® (formerly boomerang freight® solutions) ball cap was worn. Originally designed for the Japan World Cup in 2006, the cap made its way back to America to be worn in Texas a year later.

Photo #7: All the Long Distance athletes gathered at the 2007 Long Distance Shootout in Houston, TX.

Many thanks to David Hirsch for these photos. David is the 2005 National Long Distance Champion and a world record holder, at 126 meters, for men 50 and over.

The modern sport of boomerangs as we know it today began in the 1960s. Today, there are 25 countries with national boomerang organizations and a World Cup is held every two years. There are Individual tournaments (with Novice, Intermediate and Advanced divisions), Team Tournaments and informal games.

The USA Boomerang Team, selected by the United States Boomerang Association (USBA), has represented the United States in eighteen World Boomerang Championships; starting Down Under in 1981 with the first Australia vs. USA Boomerang Championship, and most recently Brazil in 2012. A US Team has won 11 out of 18 Championships. Brazil will be host to the 2012 World Boomerang Championships. For more information on the USBA go to

American boomerang player Dan Johnson.