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Fine Arts, Antiques, Rare Coins and Collectibles

Duty & Tax Free Customs Clearance for International Exhibitions, Auctions, Shows and Tours

The ATA Carnet export document allows for duty, tax and hassle-free temporary importation of fine, rare and high-value art and antiques into 87 foreign countries and territories. While many countries allow these items to enter duty-free there can be import taxes, such as VAT or GST, that can be avoided using the ATA Carnet export document.

Our expertise in temporary exports includes such high value goods as rare musical instruments, jewelry and watches, royal cultural treasures, yachts, fine art and classic autos; in addition to antiques, rare coins, stamps and collectibles.

Our Carnet Specialists are knowledgeable.

Having boomerang carnets® issue your ATA Carnet and surety bond means you’ve chosen to put your treasures in the hands of experts.  We’ve been issuing carnets since 1986 and have experience with U.S. Customs as well as many foreign customs agencies. We know what it takes to temporarily export your items successfully but, if you do run into a problem or incur a claim, we have the experience you’ll want to solve the problem or settle the claim.

It takes a specialist to advise you on the value for customs and whether a carnet is the right customs document for your import-export situation.  You wouldn’t entrust them with a novice.  Trust boomerang carnets® - The ATA Carnet Specialists with the issuance of your temporary export document when you travel overseas for the more than 100 art and antique fairs annually.

When your international travel extends for up to 12 months, an ATA Carnet can save you time and money. Valid for 12 months, the ATA Carnet allows you the flexibility to attend or exhibit at many shows, in many locales, during that period.

What are the primary benefits of a boomerang carnets®-issued carnet?

  • We’re carnet specialists. Carnets are our only business.
  • We’re experts in the temporary export of high value goods.
  • We’re trained and knowledgeable in all aspects of the temporary exportation of “boomerang carnets®”.
  • Our customer service is 24/7 and includes all major holidays, so no matter where you are or what time zone, you’ll be able to reach us and not a just a recording.
  • The piece of mind that comes with knowing you’ve chosen the leaders in ATA Carnets.


Photos of Art and Antiques are courtesy of Eaton Square Antiques.