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Duck Flambé?

Giant, Kinetic, Flaming Duck Tours Moscow

Artist Bart Dorsa shipped a spectacular flaming kinetic duck sculpture to Russia recently and he used an ATA Carnet by boomerang carnets® to clear Russian customs. The duck had made its debut at Burning Man and then Dorsa decided to take it to Moscow to make a quacky political statement there.

The metallic bird weighs 760 pounds and was shipped in two parts: the body consisting of metal tubing with aluminum skin and 3 wheels made of aluminum, cable, plastic and rubber treading. The body has 4 seats, 4 sets of pedals, various chains, one steering wheel, a brake, two doors, an empty propane tank and propane system with various pipes and hoses as well as cables and valves. Part two is the head of the kinetic sculpture. The head of the duck sculpture is detached and in the shape of the head of a duck. It has a steel tube structure and aluminum skin. Two red disc eyes, and various pipes inside and outside of the head.

Although the duck is scheduled to be back in the U.S. by May 2012, no one is sure exactly where it will roost next.

An ATA Carnet Helps Herd 84 Alaskan Huskies Through French Customs

In preparation for La Grande Odyssee, a 600-mile sled dog race beginning in France on January 8th, boomerang carnets® has issued an ATA carnet guaranteeing the temporary exportation of 84 competition sled dogs from Chicago to Europe. Presenting an ATA Carnet at French customs upon their arrival will ensure smooth clearance without payment of duties and taxes on the imported dogs and equipment. Curt Wilson, President of boomerang carnets®, upon receiving the ATA Carnet application, exclaimed, “We’ve covered thoroughbred horses and circus animals but this is a first: competition sled dogs!”

Prior to its arrival in Chicago, the 747 aircraft transporting the North American canine competitors will have already picked up all the teams of dogs from the Alaskan and Canadian participants.Veterinarian Dr. Tim Hunt and his wife Mary, of Michigan, board the plane in Chicago with their 14-dog team (Dr. Hunt will compete as 1 of 25 mushers from around the world) and are on hand for the flight to France in case a sled dog needs emergency veterinary care.The Hunts will be the only passengers on board with the flight crew and a lot of dogs.

The 2 week long event held in the Alps traverses France, Switzerland and Italy with checkpoints along the trails in some of Europe’s premier ski resorts.In addition to the dogs, the mushers and handlers are shipping many other items needed for the race under the ATA Carnet.Included are 1200 dog booties, 84 dog coats, 30 dog collars, 120 dog dishes and 360 harnesses.There are sleds, sled bags, snow hooks, gang lines and head lamps as well.

La Grande Odyssee will culminate with an awards ceremony on January 19th and the presentation of a purse totaling $90,000.00 to the winner.For additional information on the race see